Capital Asia Magazine
Industry Type: Business

Capital Asia is a publication covering a wide spectrum of business and investment topics. Established as an economic powerhouse ranked second globally, China has initiated a financial movement sweeping across businesses and investments across Asia. 《资本》是一本涵盖广泛的商业和投资主题的出版物。内容以中国为首,作为全球排名第二的经济强国,中国发起了一场席卷亚洲各地企业和投资的金融运动。

With overwhelming influence and speed, the need for detailed coverage of this movement became essential for any individual with the slightest inclination towards economic literacy. 由于其巨大的影响力和传播速度,对时刻关注经济动向的人来说详细报道是生活中缺一不可的资料来源

From its objective, Capital Asia became a beacon of information for a wide array of readers, majority of businessmen and women with a plan to penetrate the growing China market or establish a beneficial investment. Our publication is a household purchase of the financial pioneers and experts in every circulating market across Asia. 以实现主要经济动向为目标,对越关注亚洲经济和计划在中国市场发展的商人来说,《资本》绝对是他们的圣经宝典。《资本》是金 融先锋和专家的主要阅读刊物,并分布在每个亚洲市场。

Hence, Capital Asia came to include various topics including accounting and financing reporting, banking, capital markets, corporate governance, risk management and compliance, private equity and real estate just to name a few. 除此之外,《资本》的内容涵盖了会计和融资报告、银行、资本市场、公司治理、风险管理和合规、私人股本和房地产等多个课题。