Customer Experience: The New Discipline

Brought to you by AWS
Speaker: Irwinai Ibrahim

Survive to Thrive: How SMEs Can Secure Their Assets During The Pandemic & Beyond

Brought to you by Kaspersky
Speaker: Chow Lai Leng

Leaping Forward with the Digital Wave

Speaker: Neo Wei Jie, Xero

Shape Up or Ship Out: Using Digital Transformation to Rebuild Your Business

Speaker: Hooi Min Tsong, TIME dotCom

Business Facilitation For SMEs

Brought to you by MIDA
Speaker: Nazuki bin Abdullah

Ubah atau Gagal: Membina Semula Perniagaan Anda Dengan Transformasi Digital

Speaker: Hooi Min Tsong, TIME dotCom

Part 1:

Digitalization in Logistics Solution

Brought to you by FedEx
Speaker: Ms Nerissa Lee

Part 2:

Internationalisation: The Way of Global Success

Johary Mustapha, Forest Interactive
Amran Yem, MATRADE
Muhundhan Kamarapullai, MDEC

Stand Out From The Cluttered Market

Brought to you by Astro

Wendy Yaw
Marlina Mansor

Innovation and Transformation: Enchancing Business Prospects

Brought to you by AffinBank

Moderator: A. Santhakumaran

Lim Kee Yeong
Zed Li

How the Industry Leaders Made It

Brought to you by AWS

Speaker: Matthew Khaw

Managing Businesses during Covid-19

Brought to you by INSKEN

Speaker: Mohd Azad Jasmi