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SME Solutions Expo 2020 returns with a tuned-up mode this year – A Virtual SME Solutions Expo 2020

Be Connected, Be Innovative

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We may hear it many times now, but an unprecedented crisis needs an unprecedented solution. The challenge can be daunting: what are these solutions for your business to last through this tough time and emerge stronger? Do you need a new network or a new digital process?

We bring the solutions virtually to you. Connect with business solution providers across the region and explore new opportunities via our first ever Virtual SME Solutions Expo 2020.

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Discover new and exciting ways to innovate and enhance your business from industry leaders and experts.

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Connect and network with new business partners, including suppliers, investors, and many more through our smart Business Matching system.

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Market your products and services while also making your business visible by local, regional, and global partners.

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Be inspired with the winners of the highly prestigious and illustrious SME100 Awards!

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Learn and engage in strategic discourses and discussions with the industry’s very best professionals, leaders, and innovators!

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Participate in our LIVE COMMERCE on Facebook for the latest products and services live!

Virtual SME Expo 2020

Be Connected with New Solutions via Online Business Matching

Virtual SME Solutions Expo 2020 will be hosted virtually from October 19 to 23. This first virtual SME Solutions is brought to you by Business Media International.


Register and connect with more than 200+ business providers.

SME Solutions Expo aims to connect small and medium enterprises to business solutions that forge new connections and ways to grow the business. This year, we have witnessed the formation of a new economy in matter of weeks. To many SMEs, the way is to innovate fast, and pivot to new business avenues. SME Solutions Expo 2020 aims to be a platform for business solutions, along with a series of business forums to connect SMEs to new suppliers, new ideas and more to be resilient in the age of the digital economy.

SME Solutions Expo provides an Online Business Matching platform that enables SME business owners to meet with their choice of business solutions providers via a One-on-One online meeting. Be connected with a new partner online.

Learn from businesses and thrive through the storm. There will be an SME® CEO Virtual Forum series of webinars, open to visitors and participants by distinguished speakers across industries. They will speak on relevant topics such as business strategy, innovation and digitization.

Event Highlight

19 Oct 2020

Masterclass LIVE


The Power of Customer
Experience and Connectivity


Innovation and Marketing
The Dual Catalyst

SME CEO Forum 2020

Building Resilient SMEs

Topic: Customer Experience, Marketing and Communication

20 Oct 2020

Masterclass LIVE


Persuasion and Influence of Branding and Marketing


Launching Products & Services: The Key to a Majestic Entrance

SME CEO Forum 2020

Building Resilient SMEs

Topic: Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

21 Oct 2020

SME CEO Forum 2020

Building Resilient SMEs

Topic: Customer Experience and Business Presence

22 Oct 2020

SME CEO Forum 2020

Building Resilient SMEs

Topic: Customer Experience and Product Specialization

23 Oct 2020

Masterclass LIVE


SME Entrepreneurship: What It Takes to Start a Great Company


Establishing an Ever-Growing Presence and Impact

SME CEO Forum 2020

Building Resilient SMEs

Topic: Customer Experience and Product Specialization

Make a difference and get your
brand recognised by SMEs

Be an Exhibitor

Let your brand stand out to SMEs in this region’s first Virtual SME Solutions Expo 2020. Sign up as an exhibitor and put your brand front and centre to SMEs and investors. Our virtual booth is equipped with an interactive booth design and virtual built-up, including:

  • in-booth online video presentation
  • in-booth live-chat messaging feature
  • in-booth direct link to your company webpage
  • in-booth direct email link for direct lead generation
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